I fell for you when the days were short,
I loved you when the days grew,
And when the sun’s were hot.
Despite your missing sunshine ,
My love remained, stubborn and unyielding.
Now the days grow short,
And so it goes.
8pm, the sun dwindles and the lights go on,
And once more, I’m starved of your light,
And I crave it, oh how I crave it.
Your sweet smile, your warmest touch, your open heart,
And so it goes.
In this homeless house,
I count the days, the weeks, the months,
’Til the days grow long,
And your rays shimmer through.
Grab my hand and pull me in,
For you, I’ll surrender.
Never to turn, never to close.
For you, always, vacant.


Tattered flowers and broken flutes
Deafening emotions put on mute
A home to build, a home to dust
A heart so full set to rust
Surfing the wreck as we adjust
We try, we try and we try
You can wipe those tears dry but just know

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody loves you
And that somebody is me

Take a knee, tap thrice and let it go
Whisper goodbye and send me to the shadows
Maybe one day, one day we’ll glow
Again, and if we don’t, if we can't
Surrender my name and meet me in the afterglow
You push, I pull and you keeping pushing
You can wipe those tears dry but just know

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody loves you
And that somebody is me

And when you’re staring out your bedroom window
Eyes watering as the sun sets in its bed of orange
Know that I’m out there in the distance
Thinking of you, dreaming of you
Missing every square inch of you
Waiting for our paths to cross once more
And when your tears flood, just know

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody loves you
And that somebody is me
And that somebody is me

In your eyes

In your eyes, I saw you
I saw a girl that I would come to love
I saw my best friend
I saw an ally that would help navigate my storms
I saw the smartest person I know
I saw the one that plagued my thoughts
In your eyes, I saw everything
In your eyes, I see everything but
A future


As your weight presses on my chest,
I gravitate to your light. 
Synch to your breath,
Tense to your touch,
Relax to your kiss. 

In the crescent of your moon,
Your tide brushed through,
And washed this heart anew. 
A perfect canvas, where my
Sands dance to your rhythm. 
You pressed your hand to my chest, 
An impression you made:
a gentle hand. 
And the love you gave, 
Remains on this atria, 
Not a scar, 
Merely a handprint.
A memory of what was shared. 


I am selfish.
I am generous.
I am intolerable.
I am hilarious.
I am stupid.
I am smart.
I am naive.
I am wise.
I am cold.
I am loving.
I am burdensome.
I am helpful.
I am foreign.
I am white.
I am struggling.
I am privileged.
I am silent.
I am loud.
I am NOT racist.
I am ANTI racism.


In world so full of potential
In a race so full of diversity
Why must we facilitate this hatred?
Why can’t I look at my brother;
Tell him that I love him;
Tell him that the world accepts him;
Hold my arm around him;
And tell him that he’s safe;
That he’ll be alright? 


“Wait, won’t you?”
—“Of course.”
In the heat, in the cold,
In the dry, in the rain.
In the peace, in the tyranny,
In company, in solitude. 
Gladly, sadly.

“Wait, won’t you?”
Words you never uttered,
Words you knew you couldn’t. 
A question you never asked,
A question you knew the answer to. 
Rightly, wrongly. 

“Wait, won’t you?”
A sacrifice, 
A waste, 
Perhaps not. 
Good-day, Godspeed.


I no longer feel righteous
Trying to recover from a crisis
How could magic, be so tragic?


I did my best to be ever so careful 
Feeling like we were special
Was I so naive, to believe?


In your room we found asylum
And the noise went silent
Why did the peace, have to cease?

Nature’s Laws.

Your impressions, risen questions
Friends offer suggestions, attempt to prevent depression 
Were we wrong, for so long?


Attempt to fight, against nature’s might
Solace in your light, innocently wronging the right 
Was this fire, forever destined to expire?

It hasn’t.

I no longer feel righteous, though I’m glad
The truth is hard to digest, but you I had
Was that enough, to trump the rough?



Today, I had you
Today, I lost you.
Today, I healed
Today, I broke.
Today, I laughed
Today, I cried.
Today, I held
Today, I released.
Today, was the best
Today, was the worst.
Today, I’ll remember
Today, I’ll forget.
Today, today
I lived.



Noise cuts through the air
Startles the limp and revives consciousness
Next to me, you lay
So sweet, so soft
Kiss your eyes and summon my legs to motion
Erect, I act reluctantly to depart
A jolt of my arm 
And you demand I stay
Squeeze me back, koala your legs around me, and
I feel you and it pains to know that I cannot forever remain
In your bed, the air lay thick with love and lust
But simmered with sin and immorality 
A moment to flicker, a moment to dream
Before the snooze fades and we’re forced to part