Just fine

You know I loved you,
Whole and true.
But the green has turned to brown,
As our memories break down.
The bitter thoughts disintegrate,
And we both migrate.
Trodding along at different paces,
Discovering new places.
Are we happier? Are we better off? 
Transcending from the trough.
I know it was a mistake,
For us to break.
But I’m doing just fine,
Watching my stars realign.
I’m doing just fine,
Exploring the divine.


Cells thread our pelts
An unimaginable tapestry 
Ever-dying, ever-growing, ever-transforming
With each orbit, we change 
To evolve? To regress?

With each nightfall, we dream
Imagining, hoping, to split the cocoon
Stretch our delicate wings 
And blossom in the daylight 

But when did our dreams get so far from reality?
When did our promises and hopes get deserted, salted in the bitterness?
When did we shed our devotion for commotion?


Slow it down, calm it down
Rest your head, rest your eyes
On my chest, steady your mind to my beat
I praise the lord
God is King, God is all, and all is possible with God
His light transcends upon my back
Shadows cast wings to those in front
Blind the hate and embrace the love
Got Gideon on my mind 
Blessed are those who believe
And believe, I do
Lean on me, whole weight on me
Ezekiel 24-25, I will not weep
I will carry, transport you 
From darkness to light
Hush, lean on me
I’ll take care of you

Who are you?

Who are you? 
To know what I’ve been through 
To know what I’m going through 

Who are you?
To witness my failures 
To witness my triumphs 

Who are you?
To care about me 
To care about anything but yourself

Who are you? 
To tell me you miss me
To tell me you miss us

Who are you?
To plea and to complain
To plea and complain without fighting

Who are you? 
To demand a friendship
To demand a sequel to our novel

Who are you?
Other than my past 
Other than my dream for plans

Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?

Pick & Mix

Every day is a pick and mix of emotions
Scanning through the privilege 
I pounce on the candies
Consuming all, smoking all to reach the heights
Only to rush through the sugar and come crashing 
Down. Hard. 
So I contemplate, I miss, I reminisce
Before picking another candy
And kickstarting the cycle

even unicorns cry

Gather round, my love
Hold still, I promise to be gentle
Sacrifice the pain and sail away
Let me extract your tears
Sapphire whispers
Moons of hope, love, purity 
I’ll cast them to the flames
And watch them catch
Turn into wildfire
As they orbit our world 
Let them go, let them be
As they spread your heart 
Surrendering Pandora’s treasure:

soon enough

Soon enough
The fire and smoke 
Will be swept under the carpet 
Soon enough 
The longing thoughts
Will be six foot under
Soon enough 
The remarkable happy
Will be the usual
Soon enough
The cracked plains
Will turn into reservoirs
Soon enough 
The famine
Will turn to fat
Soon enough 
Our moves
Will be forgotten