Well, it is what it is

Drawing circles, going in circles 

Going round like your fingers on mine

Your compass pricked; pierced a heart

And you tattoo line after line 

I want you, I don’t 

Lick our fingers as we try to smudge out the lines


Don’t stress yourself out

It is what it is, just try to enjoy

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be

It’s getting late, it’s getting pretty late but

Try to relax and enjoy one day at a time

Listen to your gut, listen to your heart

And we’ll just keep drawing 

Circles, we just keep going round and round 


You don’t know but I’m falling for you

As you sit here asleep, with your head perched on my shoulder

I’m sinking into your notion

Praying for the traffic to persist

So that I can hold you a little longer

You don’t know but you healed and revealed

Released a side I long haven’t felt 

Found a part I thought I lost 

Touched a soul I deemed broken

You don’t know but I’m missing you

I miss your hands and your tender touch

Your fingers lacing through mine

Squeezing your hand into my sleeve

Just to touch skin, just to feel

You don’t know but I love you, friend 

And I care about you, more

It wasn’t supposed to be like this

I wasn’t supposed to fall

But I slipped 

And I’m sorry

So goodbye for now

Not always, but for a long time

I love you, Fran(d)

Not always, but for a long time


When we’re apart,

And I’m left in the dark,

I look into my heart,

And I know there’s a spark.

But what we’re doing isn’t true,

I can’t keep waiting in queue,

Chasing crumbs for the next clue.

When I’m alone,

Wondering at home,

I surrender the shapes.

Lose hope.

Down a slippery slope.

Where I must draw,

A shear line to etch us out,

To conclude this bout.

For my sanity, for my heart.

Then you smile,

And I run a mile.

Tripping over the circles,

That we encompass.

A light flickers,

Though its flame unstable,

As we chase a fable.

And in the gust of your thoughts,

It dims for I cannot keep sacrificing my core,

In order to guide you to shore.

Questioning what is possible,

To say bye to you nears impossible,

As it oozes regret.

If I wave the white flag, would you let

Me slip away?

Or would you run to say,

That I’m enough?

Love is a losing game,

And I’m lost.

Because you can’t see what’s staring right in front,

And I’m lost.

With, without,

I’m lost.

Come around

Everything was fine, until you came around

Now you’re everything and I don’t know which way is up

I was perfectly content, until you came around

Now I’m distraught when you’re not around

“Everything happens for a reason”, they say

But why did you come around if you weren’t free

I don’t want to sound cynical:

You’re the problem and the solution

A band aid, sealing the wounds only to rip away

Fried my brain and poached my heart

I can’t keep running, I need to slow down

I want to, I want to; but

These lungs can’t keep pace

With a racing heart—

A marathon without a finish line…

But I keep staggering, further and further

And I keep falling, deeper and deeper

Jan 30; Part IV

Sunday—tell me it’s not true

Always been the type to let people see right through

Inspect my soul, and consume my thoughts

As I’m forced to miss you every moment we’re not

But leave my heart intact

I can take the ache

But I can’t bare another break

But I want to

Up all night, you hit me with another red light

Only for it to flicker amber

When will it ever turn green?

Can you wait a minute?

Listen as I try to fight

Uphill and muddy, I’m stuck

Is there any point?

Too far, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry

I talk too much when I’m nervous

Scared to lose what I love

On the terrace, I stare at the stars—Oblivion take me

Orion, lend me your strength

As the smoke fills my lungs

Let’s let it all go as I exhale

I can’t escape how much I like you

But I can try to

West; Part III

What if I can’t return your calls?

Will you still miss me?

What if I can’t roll out a reply?

Will you still want me?

Because I’m too busy paralysed on this bed

Unsure whether to push or pull

Fighting these emotions against gravity

These Atlas hands are caving in

Trembling, wondering if up is up or if down is up

Which way does the sun rise? 

And which path should I surrender to

If the sun rises with hope and sets in dispair

Will you choose to meet in the eastern skies or am I to watch you retreat into the western mountains?

Uncertainty prevails as your midday fire smoulders

As long as you remain at the top of the clock

We could

But I cannot stand the heat forever—skin blistered and inflamed

I cannot

As the salty beads trace my outline, they sting my essence

And the blinding pain secludes the solution for a conclusion

If you sway to the east: I’ll run, I’ll jump, I’ll fly

But for now

I’m too scared to lose

So I pull the distance

Fall short

And bathe in the defeat

For the sun always sets

In the west

And this Titan may not be enough

To conquer the tides

Waterfalls; Part II

I miss you, friend

I’ve always been attracted to you

Could you tell from the first moment we spoke?

Your laugh and smile—

An action of satisfaction causing traction in a lonely heart craving interaction but will ultimately lead to subtraction

Subtraction of a friend

A friend I’ve grown to like

To love, maybe not quite

Though, to imagine us falling would be far from abstract

I envision a great leap—white water rushing off the edge

Landing on the soft foam as our lungs gasp for life 

And we bob along the river

Surrendering our thoughts to the currents

As we savour the adventure

Instead the only waterfalls I see are those trickling down our cheeks

I miss you, friend

If it’s meant to be, it will be 

It must be, action must facilitate reaction, to potentiate some form of counteraction to the heart on this battered sleeve; but

I miss you, friend 

I wish to be the protagonist to your novel 

Not another antagonist tarnishing your sanity  

And so, I’ll leave you be

As I float towards a mouth I do not dream

Off to sea

Following the divine’s scheme, on this winding stream, hoping for the universe to redeem as I wish for a notification

A simple meme, to let me know that you miss


I miss you, friend

I’ve been in love with you

Could you tell from the first moment you stared into my eyes?

I miss you, love